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Who we are

Optimotion is a mexican company dedicated to serving System Integration and OEM industrial automation solutions. Our trajectory has favored us with knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries. Our passion is to make your work easier through technology and constant cultural evolution, for that, we tailor each project by providing the right solution, technology and methodology for optimal operations. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond integration and manufacturing equipment, to fostering sustainable implementations and continuous learning. 

Join us at the forefront of global innovation, where excellence and innovation define every project we undertake.

our main services

System Integration


A MES System (Manufacturing Execution System) is a platform to supervise, monitor and control the production process.


A SCADA platform offers general and punctual visibility of how your operation is working for full clarity and control.


OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is our preferred standard for measuring manufacturing productivity.


Digital Platform based on Kanban methodology, enabling to systematically control the production.

Unified Namespace

A centralized repository of all data designed for the seamless integration of various naming conventions in industrial systems.

OEM Industrial Automation

Powder Dosifier Solution

Precision in industrial dosing, engineered for accurate and efficient dispensing control

Measuring and Weighting System

Workstation, for professional use with robust design to obtain the maximum dimensions of the product in 3 coordinate axes.

Chemical Volumetry System

Automatic Volumetry System that controls variable fluxes and compositions, managing dosage and ensuring desired outlet.

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