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Automate your production and guarantee operational excellence, cost savings and achieve maximum efficiency.

Automatic Tablet Compressing Machines

Our automatic tablet compressing machines are designed and programmed to meet project specifications and production times. Our machines apply to the industries: pharmaceutical, food, powder metallurgy, ceramics, catalysts, ferrites, electronics, consumables, automotive, detergents, hygiene, body care, nutraceutical, among others.

Personalized design

We design according to the specific needs of your project, delivering electrical diagrams and a programmed HMI display.

Simulation and operational tests

We simulate your process with the most advanced software in the industry to avoid mistakes, we do the necessary tests for operational excellence.

On-site installation, programming and training

We install, program and carry out training for operating personnel, handing out a personalized operation manual.

Enhance operational efficiency with optimal processes, we will lead you and your team through every step.

Machines designed according to specific needs.

We make sure our designs are tailored specifically to your project’s needs.


We work with what you have.

Our comprehensive budget planning services help you allocate your funds more clearly and efficiently.

Some of our projects:

We are proud to say that all our clients appreciate choosing us.

Complete line of production of sanitary pills.

-Manufacturing Company of Sanitation Products.

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