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Learn about our Noice, Vibration & Harshness Solutions (NVH)
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The main objective of the NVH tests is to optimize the design, safety and quality assurance of the interior and exterior of the vehicle or product, detecting any source of noise, exaltation or vibration within the full range of vibration perception: from hearing up to the feeling.


Wearables with NVH technology for process support

Wearable devices with noise and vibration technology to support quality inspection processes, production, packaging, etc. adapted to the operating conditions to provide customized solutions.

NVH automatic testers for non-destructive testing

In the automotive industry, mainly one of the biggest challenges that engineers face is to reduce noise, vibration and roughness that may be generated in any of the main systems or structures of a vehicle since these represent the main customer warranty claims.

Turnkey solutions

We develop tailor-made projects ensuring that we have the latest cutting-edge technology, developing a custom design of the highest quality and meeting all the specifications that your company requires.

NVH tests will allow early recognition of NVH phenomena, which can then be avoided during the powertrain development stage. This makes driving in the production vehicle more comfortable and guarantees quality and a good image.

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Complete design for a 100% automatic Material Handling and NVH line.

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